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  • "I strongly recommend Dave Watts and his company, if you are in need of professional and trustworthy investigative support. In my thirty-plus years as a security professional, there were only a few investigative firms I entrusted with our more important and sensitive corporate matters. Dave was always one of our top "go to guys." He's a real "pro", a gentleman, and a seasoned investigator. Should the occasion arise, I would be pleased to work with him again!"
    Patrick A. Keefe, Vice President (retired in 2008) | Colgate Palmolive Company

To say that running a business is a full time job is an understatement. No doubt... running a business is a labor of love. It takes dedication, people skills, and a specific area of expertise. Wouldn't it be great if we could just go about our daily duties without concern for scammers, thieves and cheats? But if you are a business leader, you know that's not possible. You know there are those who would try to take unfair fradvantage and get over on your system for personal gain. The trick is to spot it and stop it before it becomes endemic. You did your due diligence and conducted background checks before hiring, but that's just the beginning of your attention to security concerns. When you suspect you have been the victim of fraud in the Flemington New Jersey Area, you should contact the fraud experts: Allied Business Solutions.

What are some fraud schemes?

The list is never-ending. New fraud schemes appear all the time. Here are a few to think about...even in the Flemington New Jersey Area. Do any sound familiar?

  • Skimming cash at the register. False refunds or voided sales.
  • Check tampering. Forgery/alteration.
  • Purchasing/billing schemes. Creating fictitious vendor.
  • Payroll schemes. Falsified overtime.
  • Expense account falsification.
  • Theft of inventory or proprietary information.
  • Bribery, bid-rigging and illegal gratuities.

Some indicators of fraud in the workplace

While we shouldn't be paranoid and see fraud "under every bush;" we should be alert to any changes in employee temperament and basic nature. Here are a few flags

  • Life-style change. Living beyond apparent means.
  • Addictions: drugs, alcohol, gambling.
  • Bad attitude – sudden unexplained alienation.
  • Passed over for promotion.
  • First to arrive, last to leave, refusing time off.
  • Under pressure to meet internal goals.
  • My favorite: "With their money, they won't miss it anyway."

How does a Flemington New Jersey Area Business fight fraud?

David B. Watts, CLI has been investigating fraud against large and small businesses for more than thirty years. As a Certified Legal Investigator, Mr. Watts has the expertise to root out and address all aspects of fraudulent behavior. He will listen to your problem, work with your legal counsel, and assist you in arriving at an acceptable resolution. Not only is ABS a member of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, but we are also "A" rated by the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey.

Contact Allied Business Solutions for Fraud Investigations in Flemington, New Jersey

When you have the need for a fraud investigation conducted in the Flemington, New Jersey Area, Allied Business Solutions can help you by protecting profits and preventing losses.

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