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Getting the facts...that's what we do!

  • Licensed and insured private detective.
  • Specializing in business issues for companies and law firms.
  • Over 30 years of experience.

  • "Our business hired Dave Watts and his company, Allied Business Solutions, when our lawyer said we needed a private investigator. Mr. Watts obtained all the evidence we required to prove our case and did so promptly and within budget. Dave Watts is an experienced professional investigator and I found him easy to work with. He knows just how to handle the various legal issues in business investigations. I would certainly recommend him and his company to any business needing an investigation."
    Joseph Gammons, President | Office Furniture & Design Concepts, Inc.

Experience counts! When you need a private detective in or near Flemington, New Jersey, be sure that past experience is an important criterion in your decision process. Did you know that it only takes five years of law enforcement or related experience to become licensed in New Jersey as a private detective? You want to be able to draw on the experience of someone who has been around long enough to have a comfort level with the issue troubling you. Investigator David Watts has been investigating legal and business matters for more than thirty years. His company, Allied Business Solutions, is prepared to service your investigation needs in and around the Flemington, New Jersey Area, as well as anywhere in New Jersey and beyond.

Professional Private Detective in Flemington, New Jersey

Professionalism doesn't just happen. It is knowledge accumulated over the years. It is the ability to move forward confidently. It is having the respect of his fellows in the field. More that all this, however, professionalism is a state of mind that looks upon obstacles as challenges to be met, not as insurmountable roadblocks. The kind of private detective in Flemington, New Jersey that you want to undertake your case has memberships in the best professional organizations: National Association of Legal Investigators and the American Society of Industrial Security. Allied Business Solutions is proud of long-time memberships in these associations, as well as being "A" rated with the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey. ABS is a member in good standing with the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, as well. These are the standards that measure one's professional status.

Private Detective in Flemington, New Jersey is Business Oriented

Allied Business Solutions specializes in business issues for companies and law firms. Our experience in commercial matters helps our clients when profits are threatened or a loss occurs. Some of the types of cases we specialize in are:

  • Fraud, theft and embezzlement – Internal & External
  • Contract Disputes – Non-competes and Partnership Cheats
  • Drugs in the workplace – Results in loss of efficiency & sick time
  • Sexual Harassment – Defending against the unfounded
  • Background Research/Due Diligence – Employees & Vendors
  • Merger/Acquisition Research – Beyond the numbers
  • Proprietary Information – Company secrets out the door
  • Product Liability – Defending against overstated/unjust claims
  • Litigation Support – Getting the facts for trial

Contacting a Private Detective in Flemington, New Jersey

Allied Business Solutions is ready to assist you with your investigative needs in the Flemington, New Jersey Area. Call (908) 328-5114 or Toll Free: (800) 950-4808. Our email is

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