Background Checks Northern NJ

Allied Business Solutions specializes in diligent background checks, based upon many years of experience. Getting the facts...that's what we do!

  • Accurate, timely background checks.
  • We check information at its source.
  • Nationwide contacts.
  • More than 30 years of experience.

  • "We utilize the investigative services of Allied Business Solutions to perform business research and due diligence, as well as personal security matters. Investigators David Watts, Patrick Chase, and the rest of the professional ABS team are highly responsive, discreet, and experienced investigators. I would encourage anyone in the business community requiring investigative assistance to call upon Allied Business Solutions."
    "Chad" Lund, Vice President | Lund Capital Group, LLC

Background Checks Northern New Jersey

When you need accuracy and timely background checks provided by a seasoned private investigator in the Northern New Jersey Area, Allied Business Solutions is there to help. We have assisted small and large businesses, as well as their law firms, with complete and thorough background checks for over thirty years. We do not rely on incomplete internet data; rather, we check information at its source, where the data is filed. That, together with our restricted access to data the public cannot view, is as accurate as it gets!

Licensed Private Investigators providing background checks in Northern New Jersey

Just as you would for any other profession, you need to hire an experienced, licensed and insured private investigation agency. One major indicator of professionalism is membership in professional organizations. ABS holds memberships in the National Association of Legal Investigators and the American Society of Industrial Security. We are properly licensed in New Jersey with the New Jersey State Police, Private Detective Unit, as well. When requested, we supply a Certificate of Insurance to clients. That's not all: We are also members with an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey.

Professional Background Check Services by Private Investigator in Northern New Jersey

With more than thirty years of experience and nationwide contacts, the ABS Team provides diligent, timely and insightful information to our business and law firm clients. Background checks for law firms or businesses might be undertaken for the following reasons:

  • Litigation and trial support
  • Locating that elusive witness or defendant
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Pre-interview research
  • Vetting expert witnesses
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Prelude to fraud inquiries

Remember: "Knowledge is power" and Allied Business Solutions can fill in the blanks by putting its experience and excellent research capabilities to work for you.

Professional Background Checks for Northern New Jersey Clients

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