Business Investigations in New Jersey

There is too much at stake to hire amateurs.

  • We understand business.
  • Tried and true record of protecting profits and preventing losses.
  • More than 30 years of experience.

  • "We utilize the investigative services of Allied Business Solutions to perform business research and due diligence, as well as personal security matters. Investigators David Watts, Patrick Chase, and the rest of the professional ABS team are highly responsive, discreet, and experienced investigators. I would encourage anyone in the business community requiring investigative assistance to call upon Allied Business Solutions."
    "Chad" Lund, Vice President | Lund Capital Group, LLC

Business Investigations in New Jersey is a highly specialized field. For more than thirty years when businesses and their attorneys need to get the facts, they turn to Allied Business Solutions. Unlike the typical P.I. firm that takes on everything from domestic matters to criminal cases; the Business Investigator concentrates on those challenges and issues that confront companies like yours. Allied Business Solutions has a tried and true record of protecting profits and preventing losses. ABS is bonded, insured and licensed by The New Jersey State Police, Private Detective Unit in West Trenton, New Jersey (609) 633-9352.

Business Investigations in New Jersey require familiarization

A great advantage to hiring Allied Business Solutions to handle Business Investigations in New Jersey is that we understand business. We realize that your company has a mission and needs investigators who will work with your corporate culture and not against it. It takes the ability to achieve a comfort level with clients that sets ABS apart. We have done just that for over thirty years.

Business Investigations in New Jersey mean protecting profits and preventing losses

Whether your business is a small start-up or among the multi-national Corporate 500, ABS works to protect your profits and prevent losses. As our name suggests: We are Allied with your Business to reach Solutions. In this rough and tumble New Jersey economy you are faced with enough challenges. Loss of profit need not be one of them. First we listen. Next we look. Then we work with you and your legal counsel to overcome that interruptive obstacle facing your business. Further, not all companies can afford investigation divisions; so with Allied Business Solutions you can call on us when you need us and put us on the sideline when you don't.

Business Investigations in New Jersey comes in many forms

The term "Business Investigations" means...conducting inquiry within a legal framework; while getting the facts supportive of the structure and purpose of commercial interest. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring Allied Business Solutions for your business investigations in New Jersey:

  • Litigation and trial support.
  • Fraud, theft, and embezzlement.
  • Non-compete and other contract violations
  • Unfair competition
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Merger/acquisition intelligence
  • Loss of proprietary information
  • Product liability defense

Contact a private investigator who specializes in business investigations in New Jersey

When you need to protect profits and prevent losses and for special business investigations in New Jersey you can reach Allied Business Solutions by calling (908) 328-5114 or After all, "Business" really is our middle name.

"Getting the facts...that's what we do"