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  • Investigations are done with the utmost discretion.
  • More than thirty years of experience working on probate matters.
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  • "Our business hired Dave Watts and his company, Allied Business Solutions, when our lawyer said we needed a private investigator. Mr. Watts obtained all the evidence we required to prove our case and did so promptly and within budget. Dave Watts is an experienced professional investigator and I found him easy to work with. He knows just how to handle the various legal issues in business investigations. I would certainly recommend him and his company to any business needing an investigation."
    Joseph Gammons, President | Office Furniture & Design Concepts, Inc.

When a Last Will & Testament is challenged, certain facts need to be uncovered. This type of inquiry requires the ability to locate and interview witnesses and, often, to put a timeline together. Investigator David B. Watts has more than thirty years of experience working on probate matters. Either there is question as to the testator's competency at the time the will was executed or there is undue influence involved by a "gate keeper." There is normally a contentious atmosphere present among the parties, so the investigator must find a way to navigate to the facts.

Testamentary Capacity in Probate Cases in New Jersey

Black's Law Dictionary defines Testamentary Capacity as "..that measure of mental ability which is recognized in law as sufficient for the making of a will." We look to various sources to align the facts supporting or refuting the testator's actual mental ability at the time the will was executed. Often the facts come out through medical records, but also when witnesses contribute observations. There is no litmus test; rather, it is the sum total of various circumstances that lead a reasonable person to believe one way or the other. Investigator David Watts knows how to gather together evidence, both documentary and testimonial, to aid counsel with the fact gathering aspect of the case.

Undue Influence in Probate Investigations in New Jersey

They are called "gatekeepers." They exert absolute control over the elderly, often preventing contact with friends and family. Once isolated, aged individuals find they are totally dependent on their gatekeeper. Without intervention, vulnerability to whatever manipulation or coercion he or she has in mind is inevitable. The motive, of course, is financial. While nurses and housekeepers seem to be the usual gatekeepers, family members can be involved, as well. Private Investigator David Watts has over thirty years of experience undertaking inquiry in probate matters in New Jersey and elsewhere. If you suspect a loved one is held isolated and a victim of a gatekeeper, contact an attorney and Allied Business Solutions for help with Probate Investigations in New Jersey.

Choosing a Probate Investigator in New Jersey

Here are the seven guidelines to consider when choosing a private investigator for probate in New Jersey:

  • Confidentiality – Trust is paramount
  • Probate Experience – Knows the ropes
  • Check references – Don't just rely on website claims
  • Licensing – New Jersey State Police will verify licensing
  • Experienced – Stay away from the novice
  • Professional Associations – Real professional investigators never stop learning
  • Financial Arrangements – Confirm all financial discussion via email

David B. Watts and Allied Business Solutions will handle your probate matter efficiently, on time and with discretion.

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