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What causes otherwise honest people to commit fraud?

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The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has studied why seemingly honest people commit fraud. Fraud experts explain that the Fraud Triangle supplies us with the answer. The Fraud Triangle consists of three elements, which are Opportunity, Rationalization and Pressure. Here is how it works:

  • Opportunity – when an employee, vendor, partner or competitor has access to the means to commit fraud.
  • Rationalization – when one believes that they are entitled to more compensation or perceives a wrongdoing against them.
  • Pressure – when one is undergoing personal strife, such as divorce, medical expenses, depression, etc.

Without all three elements in place the likelihood of fraud is minimal. With them, however, there is a high risk for fraud. Opportunity can usually be addressed with adequate internal controls, but the same is not true for Rationalization and Pressure. They are only engaged by a vigilant management. You need to know your employees and anyone else you deal with by keeping your finger on the pulse.

Fraud in Somerville, New Jersey calls for an experienced investigator

The legal and procedural methods for investigating fraud in the Somerville, New Jersey Area and elsewhere require the knowhow of an experienced private investigator. David B. Watts, CEO and Principal Investigator of Allied Business Solutions, has been handling complicated fraud inquiries in New Jersey for over thirty years. The ABS Team is ready and able to provide you with professional investigative advice and will work with you and your attorney to bring about a successful conclusion to the case. Our network of contacts throughout the USA and overseas comes from our memberships in the following professional organizations:

  • National Association of Legal Investigators
  • American Society of Industrial Security

Further, Allied Business Solutions is a Better Business Bureau "A" rated company and is active in The Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce. Remember, "Business" is our middle name!

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