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  • "We utilize the investigative services of Allied Business Solutions to perform business research and due diligence, as well as personal security matters. Investigators David Watts, Patrick Chase, and the rest of the professional ABS team are highly responsive, discreet, and experienced investigators. I would encourage anyone in the business community requiring investigative assistance to call upon Allied Business Solutions."
    "Chad" Lund, Vice President | Lund Capital Group, LLC

Surveillance is a highly specialized field and should never be undertaken by the inexperienced. Not only is there a poor likelihood for success for do-it-yourselfers; there are serious legal issues in play, as well. Does it make sense to risk being the target of a law suit, because you decided to try it on your own? Of course not. Understanding privacy and trespass laws and what is and is not evidence is important, too. Most people are adept at taking photographs and video; however, the same is not true once the stress of surveillance is injected into the equation. Choosing the right surveillance spot and then reacting appropriately when needed is imperative. Of course, operating a motor vehicle on surveillance has its risks and controlled assertive driving allows for slim margins of error. When you require a surveillance investigation in Somerville, New Jersey or any other locales in the New Jersey Area, call upon Allied Business Solutions. Getting the facts...that's what we do!

Surveillance in Somerville, New Jersey calls for an experienced investigator

For more than thirty years David B. Watts, Principal Investigator and CEO of Allied Business Solutions, has successfully handled surveillance matters for corporations, insurance carriers and private individuals. The surveillance team at ABS is well equipped, experienced, and ready to conduct surveillance on your behalf. Experience also teaches that once surveillance evidence is gathered, it can only be entered into evidence by the photographer or videographer. It is far better and more credible to have an impartial licensed private investigator testifying than a principal with obvious personal motivation. Another measure of the professional investigator is the professional memberships he holds. Allied Business Solutions has long-term memberships in the following:

  • National Association of Legal Investigators
  • American Society of Industrial Security
  • Better Business Bureau – "A" rated
  • Active in Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce

Why you might need Surveillance in Somerville, New Jersey

When it is necessary to document certain activities and it can only be done by physically monitoring persons or places, surveillance is generally the answer. The reasons for conducting surveillance are endless. Whether you have an insurance claim, theft, fraud, domestic infidelity, or a contract dispute, surveillance can contribute evidence that makes the case. In short, whenever knowledge of the opposition's activities is important, surveillance conducted by a professional investigator definitely enhances your chances for success.

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