About Allied Business Solutions

Allied Business Solutions is a full-service private investigation service specializing in legal and business issues. That is, ABS provides fact-gathering investigations for law firms and business entities…large and small.

David B. Watts is the Principal Investigator at ABS with more than thirty years of experience in the private investigation field. He began working in law enforcement, first as a city detective then as a county investigator. After six years at an insurance company as a claims adjuster, Mr. Watts opened his first investigative agency. He has had extensive experience with both criminal and civil inquiries, the result of this well-rounded exposure to the legal system.

Assignments ranged from New Jersey to Florida and beyond with most cases in the busy and highly litigious New York to Philadelphia corridor. With memberships in several professional associations, ABS has investigative contacts around the United States, as well as in most foreign countries.

Allied Business Solutions has a business philosophy of cooperation, professional bearing, timeliness, and an energetic work ethic, which fosters successful cases and client confidence in our service.

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Getting the facts…that’s what we do!