Accident Investigations

Whether the injury arises from an auto accident, boat mishap, fall down,  machine guarding accident or a product failure, Allied Business Solutions and David B. Watts have had many years of experience investigating such cases.

Accurate measurements, demonstrative photography, witness statements and a coherent report all contribute to the fact gathering aspect of the case.  But it is the experience of the legal investigator that matters most.  The seasoned legal investigator seizes upon opportunities in the field when others less practiced pass them over.

For instance, the legal investigator knows that spontaneous utterances made to a third party, against self interest, may just be admissible and not hearsay…the Res Gestae exception to the hearsay rule. 

David B. Watts is a Certified Legal Investigator and has conducted many hundreds of accident investigations.  That experience includes police investigations, insurance company claims and more than 30 years as an independent legal investigator.

Getting the facts…that’s what we do!