Drugs in the Workplace

Loss of productivity, increased absences, criminal activity and an up-tick in workers’ compensation claims result from legal and illegal drugs in the workplace. Whether it is drinking alcohol on break or engaging in illegal drug activity, the fact remains: productivity goes down and company reputation is at stake.


Did you know that an undercover investigator cannot buy drugs unless he is a law enforcement officer or acts as an informant for the police?   Then, of course, law enforcement runs the case with criminal charges as the end game.  But what if you didn’t want the public embarrassment of employees arrested at your business? 
How can you deal with this insidious problem and maintain control of the outcome?


Allied Business Solutions has proven methods of dealing with the drug problem without necessarily involving law enforcement.  Invariably, violations of company policies and procedures go hand-in-hand with the company drug scene.  A properly run undercover endeavor coupled with expert background research allows the client to cleanly deal with this problem.  All is conducted under the guidance of your company lawyer.  No laws are broken and the public is none-the-wiser.


David B. Watts is a graduate of Federal Bureau of Narcotics Training School and can assist you in addressing this ever-growing challenge.

Getting the facts…that’s what we do!

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