Merger / Acquisition Research

After the accountants and business brokers have done their own due diligence and left, you may feel confident that you can close on this new business arrangement without further concern.  Not so fast!  Do you really know this new party entering into and upon your business life? 

Just because everything looks good on paper doesn’t mean all will go well.  The human factor is worthy of consideration, as well.  After all, it is likely your agreement includes some time working together before each goes his separate way.  Often in such matters, financial responsibilities don’t end with the closing.  Let’s take a good look before we leap!

Research of the individual parties involved is important too.  Does their past history include a bankruptcy?  Are they in serious debt?  What about their personal credit?  How about interviewing someone who has done business with them in the past?  Do they have any DUI’s on their record…think that might be important day-to-day? 

No matter how great a merger or acquisition may seem on the surface, you must be confident that there is nothing lurking in the background that you should have known sooner.  Remember, getting married is a lot easier than getting divorced and the same holds true in business arrangements!


Getting the facts…that’s what we do!

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