Workplace Surveillance & Undercover

There are times in the course of our business lives when we need to uncover facts, but there does not seem to be a way to do it.  We wish we could be “a fly on the wall,” to find the answers.  Often, the way to gain the information we need can be done through special means: surveillance or undercover work.

As you might suspect, care must be taken to protect the privacy rights of others, while still fulfilling the need to achieve our goal.  This type of investigation requires guidance from corporate counsel, as privacy issues arise continually.   Without adequate legal advice you can expose your company to civil liability.  Nevertheless, carefully prepared and executed undercover operations can be very effective.

Some reasons for surveillance or undercover work are drugs in the workplace, internal theft, time cheating, collusion with vendors, employee  bullying, etc.

But before going forward, certain taboos should be acknowledged:  Use of illegal listening devices and trespassing are forbidden.  Using the undercover method to gain advantage in union negotiations is prohibited, as well.  In short, there must be facts present that would lead a reasonable person to believe specific violations or breaches have occurred.  It is called predication and without it no investigation should be undertaken.

This is where experience really counts!  The professional investigator relies upon “street skills” and understanding human nature.  Familiarity with surveillance techniques and undercover practices is essential to assure a positive outcome and to avoid legal pitfalls.

Allied Business Solutions has been conducting these types of investigations for  insurance companies, large multi-national corporations, and small family-owned companies for over 30 years.

Getting the facts…that’s what we do!

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